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This mobile app design cost $1500 USD and took 20 days
This radiation shield design for NASA cost $500 USD and took 15 days
This architectural design cost $500 USD and took 15 days
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AI generated art.
$200 USD in 7 days.
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Wordpress website.
$125 USD in 1 day.
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Interior 3D model.
$350 USD in 7 days.
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Packaging design.
$2500 USD in 30 days
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Mobile app.
$21000 USD in 60 days.
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Character illustration.
$60 USD in 5 days.
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Book cover design.
$25 USD in 3 days.
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Product 3D modelling.
$430 USD in 3 weeks.
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AI generated illustration.
$12 USD in 6 days.
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Album cover.
$110 USD in 9 days.
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Architectural design.
$5000 USD in 30 days.
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Video production.
$1960 USD in 30 days.
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Shopify website.
$300 USD in 7 days.
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AI generated image.
$200 USD in 8 days.
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SEO expert.
$100 USD in 3 days.
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